Reflecting On A Precious Moment

Let me tell you something I have learned about life: We should always remember regard the present as precious. The present moment is the most finite, fragile unit of time and our relationship to it. And time, regardless of what people will say about its “artificiality”, is already our most limited resource, to begin with. Time doesn’t just pass. It stops belonging to us. Constantly, rapidly, time borrows from the future to give us the past and present until no such future exists.

While we should certainly protect and invest in our futures, as well as revere and learn from our pasts, it is the present that deserves to be adored.

Why? To me, the answer is simple.

Because: once a moment is gone, it can never, ever be experienced again in the same way.

Because: you can never reach back and resurrect a moment that passed.

Because: you can never love people like you ought to have when you had the chance; you can only hope for a better future.


Because: you can never laugh with your siblings as children again. You can only think fondly of those memories, longing for a moment that will never belong to you again.

Because: You can’t take advantage of an opportunity as richly as when you had it to begin with, and the door to opportunity is capricious. It can shut tightly on you for good.

Don’t take the present for granted just because it seems so easily accessible to you. That access is an illusion; it is a trick.

If you aren’t clever enough to see past the illusion of time’s abundance, you’ll miss out on the true wealth of a moment’s endless potential.

If you cannot see—with your heart—the value of where and when you are, you will forever long for a place and time that never was and never could be.


I have lost valuable years waiting for the right moment to say something, or feel something, or do something—and only when it dawned on me that the present and the future could abruptly be taken away did I realize that the moments I spent so long waiting for were right in front of me all along.

So, at this moment, I say to you: welcome back to the present. There is so much for you to explore, to enjoy, to do, to be and to learn from—right now.

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