Professional Experience

I am an institutional and community literacy scholar, an accomplished marketing professional, and writer who is competent in reading, writing, researching and developing assets across a range of verticals as they pertain to business, governmental and educational institutions. Some of my experience, in brief, is detailed in the résumé posted below. I am presently the Director of Insights and Strategy at The Abbi Agency and the Chief Marketing Officer at Lorable.

For a more detailed overview of my professional experience and capabilities, please see my regularly updated LinkedIn account.

I have worked on projects for companies, organizations, and destinations like:

The North Lake Tahoe Marketing Cooperative & NLTRA (Content Strategy and Production, Market Research, Email Marketing)

Goleta, California (Content Strategy and Production)

Crowdtwist (Thought Leadership, Public Relations)

The City of Fallon (UI/UX Copywriting)

Odyssey Teams (Stakeholder Research, Copywriting, Messaging)

Explore Murrieta (Content Strategy and Development)

The Economic Development Association of Western Nevada (Strategic Consultation, Copywriting)

The Reno Air Services Corporation (Copywriting, Data Collection)

The Nevada Department of Education (Copywriting, Research, Strategic Direction)

The Lansing Companies / Prado Ranch (Public Relations, Copywriting, Market Research)

Donsuemor (Thought Leadership and Public Relations)

Champagne Family Dentistry (UI/UX Copywriting, Editing)

Dorinda’s Chocolates (UI/UX Copywriting)

Holland & Hart, LLC (Public Relations Support)

Greenleaf Wellness (Content Strategy and Production, Email Marketing)

Office of Workforce Innovation (Copywriting)

Northern Nevada Medical Center (Market Research, Business Intelligence, Market Messaging)

Universal Health Services (Market Research)

Blackbird Go (Brand Journalism)

Brain Bean (Market Research, Brand Development)

The City of Henderson (Marketing Segmentation and Research, Copywriting, Editing)

The National Safe Boating Council (Marketing Research, Brand Standard Development, Content Production, Advertising Copy)

Prominence Health Plan (Marketing Research, Corporate Social Responsibility Planning, Public Relations Support, Messaging)

Brightedge (Thought Leadership, Public Relations Support, Content Development)