The Lansing Companies / Prado Ranch – Research, Strategy, Messaging & Copywriting

In 2019, The Lansing Companies sought to establish a new development in the Lemmon Valley sector of Reno, Nevada. To do that, they needed to build consensus around the project’s viability and convince public officials of the community’s desire for new residential and commercial real estate parcels. As a part of the team at The Abbi Agency, I was tasked with creating outreach assets to make that happen.

My contribution to the project involved:

  1. Conducting research about resident and constituent attitudes, conducting business intelligence and interviews with key project stakeholders to understand what the development could offer Lemmon Valley citizens.
  2. Review of municipal procedure and meeting minutes to understand the concerns of councilmen and other stakeholders.
  3. Developing an overarching and granular messaging framework about the Prado Ranch development that corrected the record about the project and its backers, and assuaged the key concerns of constituents and public officials.
  4. Developing web copy for the Prado Ranch Facts website that published key facts about the project alongside a Q&A doc that provided clarification targeted at constituents and local media.
  5. Writing thought leadership pieces like this to describe the vision of the master-planned community.

Visit the Prado Ranch Website:

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