Dorinda’s Chocolates – Stakeholder & Consumer Research, Site Mapping, UI/UX Copywriting

When Dorinda’s Chocolates approached The Abbi Agency with a desire to update their digital presence to better suit the times and the growing footprint of their business, we knew that we’d have to get to the bottom of what makes their brand so compelling and develop an experience for their customers that would solidify the brand as one of premiere confectionary options in the region.

I was tasked with conducting stakeholder research (conducted remotely with key business personnel), translating that into a UX site map, and drafting user experience/interface copy to educate consumers about the brand, its product offerings, and through the path of purchase on the site (which included the addition of new “build-a-box” of chocolates and monthly subscription features).

This work, completed in cooperation with my web development peers, won an American Advertising Federation Addy Award.

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Check Out The Website:

Dorinda’s Chocolates

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