Evynn Tyler McFalls

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I am an integrated marketing communications professional (writing, PR, content marketing, business development and a host of other things), a creative writer, an artist (musical and visual), and a doctoral candidate conducting research for my dissertation in digital community rhetorics at St. John’s University in New York City.

While it may be the case that my attention is divided among a number of significant interests, I’d like to think that the careful mixture of procedural logic, thoughtfulness, good-humor, and compassion I bring to each project allows me to learn, share and grow in these passions—and help others to better achieve their own potentialities along the way.

At the foundation of my being, I am driven by my belief in the goodness and potential of others as individuals—and in the innate human ability to organize toward better possibilities as a community, which I believe is evidenced by our inherently social nature and the manifestation of that nature through the many languages and literacies we’ve been developing for as long as humankind has walked the earth.

In fact, that’s why I named this website “A Language of Being” (originally it was called “Literacies of Being”). With each act, we tell and share in a greater story. This is a part of my contribution.

Professional Profile

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By trade, I am an integrated marketing communications professional whose specializations lie in content strategy, copywriting, business development (including grant and proposal writing), editing and market research.

Though I began writing across mediums, developing social followings and speaking a range of audiences well before I could describe myself as a professional (as is true of many digital natives), my professional experience as a researcher started in Boulder City, Nevada, where I conducted research and summarized City Council meeting minutes for the Office of the City Clerk. Later, I worked as a college journalist and editor-in-chief at the University of Nevada’s then-only print and digital magazine, Insight, at which I sharpened the skills in creative-nonfiction writing that would carry me into my current profession.

A brief stint at a popular e-commerce company, followed by a two-year tenure as social marketing manager at a now-closed Social Media marketing startup brought my interest in marketing and public relations into greater focus—and these experiences gave me the opportunity to develop marketing strategies and assets for a range of verticles including: consumer packaged goods, food and beverage, fine dining, technology and SAAS, nightlife, and entertainment.

Around this time I also developed a meaningful interest in programmatic assessment, business development, grant and technical writing. For several years I have personally prepared or ghostwritten hundreds of professional communications, bylines, grants, RPFs, abstracts and other materials and am highly proficient in assessing rhetorical circumstances and delivering quality products to the right audiences. I have also provided consulting services as a writer, editor and strategist for business-to-business clients, government figures, financial institutions, tech entrepreneurs and everyday people looking to use words to better their lives.

Currently, I serve as a content marketing strategist, writer, researcher and strategist (I wear a lot of hats on any given day) at a mid-sized and rapidly growing Integrated Marketing Communications firm based in Reno, Nevada (though I am personally headquartered in New York City). My portfolio of clients as part of this team includes small-to-large-size destination marketing organizations, health insurance brokerages, tech companies, business-to-business professional services, real estate brokerages, consumer packaged goods, tourism business improvement districts and small businesses.

I also serve as the marketing director for the St. John’s University Department of English.

Scholarly Pursuits

Since 2015, I have studied at St. John’s University’s department of English. My primary foci during my first two years of study pertained to community rhetorics and composition as matters of pedagogy within institutions of higher education. Thinking through those lenses, I sought to understand a range of rhetorics—to think, read and write across disciplines—and to recognize the unique contexts that students bring with them to these institutions. Over the period of time in which my masters-level studies took place, I considered myself an “activist academic”, and sought out opportunities to better understand the lives and contexts of a diverse student population—exploring transatlantic literature, and undergoing a wide breadth of coursework to develop competency across as many rhetorical circumstances in standardizes and non-standardized English as possible. This culminated in the achievement of a masters degree.

Toward the end of my masters level study, I’d been working for some time in digital marketing and became deeply concerned about the impact of native advertising and content marketing on people and institutions, as well as a digital divide that ran more deeply than “access”.

Perceiving (and maybe panicking about) a falling-behind of the pedagogical habitus of literacy in relation to the rapidly expanding literacies emerging in digital spaces, I have dedicated the direction of my doctoral work to better understanding the sociological/psychological underpinnings of our behaviors of production and consumption in digital spaces, and meaningfully intervening on the present conversation about literacy to include pedagogies and communicative competency in spaces which—while ripe with possibilities for creativity and public good—is a potential breeding ground for bad actors eager to take advantage of a relative lack of conversation about literacy, ethics or other important matters in the digital realm. Some of my thinking on those matters will be described on this website, as well as on my other website: The Web Literacy Project, which is still in active development at St. John’s University while I work toward my terminal degree.

Creative Endeavors

When I am not doing all of those things that are mentioned in exhaustive detail above, I spend my time writing music for myself and others, creating digital illustrations (which are for sale), cooking, exercising, reading for pleasure (comic books and crime novels primarily), and telling wicked jokes on social media. In my past, I periodically worked as a print and runway model, but have pretty much indefinitely shelved that hobby in favor of nerding out forevermore.