Prominence Health Plan – Marketing, Public Outreach and Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

Leaders at Prominence Health Plan, an insurance provider whose services operated in Northern Nevada for several years and were aligned with the region’s third-largest hospital system, felt that their public footprint was limited in comparison to their competitors. They needed to get in front of consumers and healthcare providers, to understand why they weren’t as well-known by insurance brokers or consumers, and to sow stronger seeds that would one day become the roots that would better tie them to the community they served. They also wanted to make consumers more widely aware of their telemedicine service partnership.

As The Abbi Agency team member who develops the majority of our research initiatives, then translates the insights gathered from them into strategic and tactical recommendations, I was tasked with identifying key audience groups and developing a battery of ethnographic, qualitative and quantitative research questions to better understand what was working for Prominence Health Plan and what wasn’t. The insights gathered from these questions would help the team to put together a strategic document that helped Prominence choose smart advertising, corporate social responsibility, events and public relations tactics to increase their share of voice—which would translate eventually into greater market share in Northern Nevada.

The interviews were conducted by phone and via email with insurance brokers, healthcare providers and hospital administrators, general consumers, and employers. Each interview was audio-recorded (ethically), transcribed and coded. I then analyzed the information gathered from these interviews, identifying trends in sentiment, flagging notable statements, and aligning views expressed by these groups with potential messaging relevant to the organizational goals of the health plan. This process resulted in the creation of an Empathy Map—a tool which I frequently use to document deep insights into consumer groups by cataloging what they say, feel, think and do against quantitative data.

This data was then translated into a multichannel marketing plan which has informed the work of The Abbi Agency’s public relations department and media buying team members since 2018. It also helped to inform the language used to discuss the plan and its services across its marketing ecology, including its website. The brand has since updated much of its outreach collateral, conducting direct provider outreach, sponsoring/partnering with a wide variety of consumer-facing local organizations, and making smart media buys in publications throughout the region.

Notably, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization’s partnership with Teladoc has seen its market share grow significantly.

Visit the Prominence Health plan Website:

Prominence Health Plan Homepage

Dorinda’s Chocolates – Stakeholder & Consumer Research, Site Mapping, UI/UX Copywriting

When Dorinda’s Chocolates approached The Abbi Agency with a desire to update their digital presence to better suit the times and the growing footprint of their business, we knew that we’d have to get to the bottom of what makes their brand so compelling and develop an experience for their customers that would solidify the brand as one of premiere confectionary options in the region.

I was tasked with conducting stakeholder research (conducted remotely with key business personnel), translating that into a UX site map, and drafting user experience/interface copy to educate consumers about the brand, its product offerings, and through the path of purchase on the site (which included the addition of new “build-a-box” of chocolates and monthly subscription features).

This work, completed in cooperation with my web development peers, won an American Advertising Federation Addy Award.

Tell Me Something Sweet…

Check Out The Website:

Dorinda’s Chocolates

The Lansing Companies / Prado Ranch – Research, Strategy, Messaging & Copywriting

In 2019, The Lansing Companies sought to establish a new development in the Lemmon Valley sector of Reno, Nevada. To do that, they needed to build consensus around the project’s viability and convince public officials of the community’s desire for new residential and commercial real estate parcels. As a part of the team at The Abbi Agency, I was tasked with creating outreach assets to make that happen.

My contribution to the project involved:

  1. Conducting research about resident and constituent attitudes, conducting business intelligence and interviews with key project stakeholders to understand what the development could offer Lemmon Valley citizens.
  2. Review of municipal procedure and meeting minutes to understand the concerns of councilmen and other stakeholders.
  3. Developing an overarching and granular messaging framework about the Prado Ranch development that corrected the record about the project and its backers, and assuaged the key concerns of constituents and public officials.
  4. Developing web copy for the Prado Ranch Facts website that published key facts about the project alongside a Q&A doc that provided clarification targeted at constituents and local media.
  5. Writing thought leadership pieces like this to describe the vision of the master-planned community.

Visit the Prado Ranch Website:

North Lake Tahoe: Visitor Content Strategy

Since 2016, I’ve had the pleasure of serving as one of the key voices of North Lake Tahoe, planning and implementing the world-renowned destination’s content marketing strategy. In this capacity, I’ve supported the broader marketing and public relations team in plotting out blog, website, and email marketing campaigns.

Bringing Breathtaking Tahoe Blue To The Masses

As North Lake Tahoe’s content strategist and coordinator, I was charged with the duty of collaborating with my peers in public relations and social media to develop consumer-facing blog and e-mail newsletter content meant to attract overnight and daytime visitors from the region’s flight and drive markets. This process entailed establishing the brand’s voice and tone, conducting immersive boots-on-the-ground research about the region, writing and publishing content to North Lake Tahoe’s blog feed, physical collater and email marketing list—as well as managing the brand’s email marketing database in Mailchimp. Periodically, I was also tasked with developing and executing market research programs via survey.

The content strategy I developed, executed and assisted the broader team with was based around seasonal travel patterns, notable holidays, and the region’s marquee events like the Spartan Race, Autumn Food & Wine, Independence Day, the holiday season and New Years Eve. During the spring and autumn shoulder seasons in particular, it was important for us to develop compelling content to attract visitors during Tahoe’s “secret season”. Content pieces typically involved providing users with immersive guides to local activities, insider explorations of local vendors, travel itineraries and, in the wake of disruptive events like the COVID-19 pandemic and regional construction, crisis/safety communications.

This resulted in award-winning content marketing campaigns like Treasures of Tahoe, which explores special experiences in Tahoe off of the beaten path and was designed to pique visitor curiosity while teaching them something new; and Tahoe’s Local Luminaries series, which highlighted the stories of notable Tahoe locals and helped prospective visitors to understand the region through regionally familiar eyes.

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Go Tahoe North Blog

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