“Nature Has Fixed No Limits On Our Hope”

Life moves in cycles. Sometimes things are warm and pleasant and lively, and you can't wait to be in the throes of springtime joy. Other times, the cold comes, and you'd rather hide out in the dark and gather your strength until you're ready to walk in the light again. Sometimes, you bloom. Other times, you take a break and stay out of the fray until you're really ready.

Hear Me Out: Let’s Talk About Love Without Attachment

For a long time I have been thinking about the concept of "love without attachment", and though I do not misunderstand this thinking to mean "lightness" or "avoidance", I still think that the concept deserves some re-examination. I understand it when people say, "How you feel, how I feel, that isn't our responsibility to one …

Most Days, Being Everything Feels Like The Only Option (Or: Hunger is Productive and a Guy’s Got To Eat)

Tomorrow morning, I'll wake up no later than 4:00 AM to start my day. I'll call out to one of the artificial intelligences now living in my home to brief me on world events, the hallucinogenic nightmare that is our current governmental situation, business and technology developments, and , maybe a tidbit or two from the …

What I Will Not Do Anymore

I am a remarkable human being, but I am no longer interested in allowing that to be the barometer by which I measure my sense of self-worth or joy. The idea that we must be these perfectly efficient, dynamic, palatable beings at all times is a scam and I won’t be putting my cognitive energy into this psychic racketeering job anymore.

These Resolutions Might Be Televised: 10 Themes for 2019 (Part 2)

Hi folks, and happy new year! I hope that your New Year's Eve celebrations were memorable and festive and that your New Year's Day was one spent relaxing, realigning, and preparing yourself for another 52 weeks of discovery, adventure, connection, joy, and triumph. As promised (albeit somewhat late—let's blame that on the festive New Year's …