Cooking Up Joy: A Meditation On Life’s Smallest, Greatest Pleasures

A reflection on the simple pleasure of grocery shopping.

Earlier this week I read a piece in Refinery29 by famed former Vogue Paris editor and authoress Joan Juliet Buck. Titled "Advice To My 26-Year-Old Self", the work was a reflective letter from a wisened woman who saw much in her life and found clarity as a result. Perhaps because I am the age cohort …

Hear Me Out: Let’s Talk About Love Without Attachment

For a long time I have been thinking about the concept of "love without attachment", and though I do not misunderstand this thinking to mean "lightness" or "avoidance", I still think that the concept deserves some re-examination. I understand it when people say, "How you feel, how I feel, that isn't our responsibility to one …

What I Will Not Do Anymore

I am a remarkable human being, but I am no longer interested in allowing that to be the barometer by which I measure my sense of self-worth or joy. The idea that we must be these perfectly efficient, dynamic, palatable beings at all times is a scam and I won’t be putting my cognitive energy into this psychic racketeering job anymore.