Nevada-Based Interactive Literature Startup Lorable Selects Evynn McFalls, M.A. As Chief Marketing Officer

For Immediate Release

Media Contact: Evynn McFalls


Phone: +1-702-713-1049

Reno, Nev. Lorable, a Nevada-based software company specializing in the development of choice-and-scenario based narrative tools, today announced the recruitment of Evynn McFalls, M.A. as Chief Marketing Officer.

McFalls, who holds degrees conferred by the University of Nevada, Reno as well as New York City’s prestigious private Catholic school, St. John’s University, joins Lorable’s growing team at a critical period in the company’s development. He brings a decade of experience in content marketing, editorial strategy, research, multimodal literacies as well as several years of multichannel marketing experience honed at agencies and small-to-medium sized business throughout the country.

As part of his inaugural agenda at Lorable, McFalls will work with Lorable’s founders to establish marketing and sales agendas, develop a robust investor and public relations strategies, solidify the brand’s standards and help to guide the company toward profitability by making the case for the software product’s relevance to leisure consumers, serious authors, educational institutions and businesses alike.

In addition to this work, McFalls will help Lorable build community rapport as the software’s public alpha testing begins in mid-April.

“In stepping in as C.M.O., it is my understanding that there’s more to do than telling potential users what Lorable can do today. Truly, what needs to happen is that we must make the case—and I believe it’s an accurate one—that Lorable offers a pretty compelling, beautiful narrative solution in a storytelling market that is still somewhat static,” McFalls explained.

“More importantly, these are just the first footholds in a climb toward something much bigger. As Lorable grows, so will the capabilities of the technology and its uses. Today we’re discussing choice-driven scenarios relayed primarily through a beautiful interface; tomorrow we could see this technology guiding customer service employees toward better outcomes, helping educators and students explore new ideas in exciting ways, or providing more effective, agentive workforce training. We could see this company paired with virtual and augmented reality, or with voice technology—something I’m very interested in, as the market experiences what I like to think of as a more ‘verbal turn’. To that end, we’re not just telling the story of Lorable—we’re actively writing it, like any of our authors write their stories. That is an exciting prospect.”

Founders Samuel Gbafa and Maxwell Thom echo Mcfalls’ excitement.

“We are over the moon to bring Evynn Mcfalls onboard. As our product comes to market our need for talented delivery has never been greater,” said Thom. “He will be an incredible asset to our team and undoubtedly a keystone for our future.”

“We are excited to bring Evynn onto our team! This represents a big shift for Lorable as a startup, as we begin to really focus on outreach to readers and writers,” Samuel Gbafa explained. “We are excited to have Evynn’s perspective and expertise on our team. He fills an important role vital to the success of Lorable, helping us to effectively share our vision for the future of interactive narratives across a variety of environments and contexts.”


Lorable is a Nevada-based technology startup specializing in the development of interactive narrative software. This technology can be used to create “choice-based” literature that allows users to determine the course of a narrative through decision-making, to edit these narratives seamlessly, and to publish them widely—and has use cases not only for entertainment consumers but for business and educational environments as well.

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